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Join The Low Code Collective

Salesforce is just the beginning.

Be a part of something bigger.

An Experience-Focused Training Method

You'll learn the Salesforce platform through hands-on experience. You'll dive deep into Salesforce to understand how it operates and how it helps businesses operate. Focus on practical training, not just studying for an exam.


A Community to Support You

When you join The Low Code Collective, you're joining a community. The Low Code Collective is about supporting members as they explore and begin Salesforce careers. Engage with other members through gatherings, live meet-ups, and online forums.


A Collective Learning Experience

Enjoy webinars, get-togethers, panels, guest speakers, self-guided learning paths, and helpful resources to boost your Salesforce knowledge. You'll gain access to the resources you need to launch or continue your Salesforce career.

Join The Low Code Collective

Welcome to The Collective!

Launch Your Salesforce Career

Get your freedom back. 

Join The Low Code Collective.

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