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About Us

Counter Code is built on the principle of helping others thrive on the Salesforce platform. We believe that if we help our clients, employees, and partners accomplish their goals, everything else will take care of itself.

Our Mission

We see a massive opportunity in the low-code technology space, especially in the Salesforce ecosystem. In short, we help companies move faster with their digital agendas. Because of this, we also think there is a huge opportunity to help folks pivot or launch their careers using the Salesforce platform. We created Counter Code to do just that.

We help students and young professionals learn Salesforce and build experience while in school or outside of work. For customers, that means high caliber, valuable help to work through their never-ending Salesforce backlogs, an obvious win-win for both parties.

We put people over profit, offering a fair exchange of value to our clients.

That means we recognize that our team members have their own personal goals (which may not be working at Counter Code forever). We equip our people with the experiences, skills, and relationships to pursue their long-term goals.

Most importantly, we recognize that work is only part of life, not all of it. There are families, friends and personal lives behind every team member, and work can wait.

Connecting Dots

What does this mean?

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